A good part of Mexico’s workforce is composed of people with unfinished education degrees; diverse situations keep education away from them until they wish to pursue a career change or upgrade. When this moment arrives, people look for flexible and convenient offers such as UVM’s executive degrees oriented towards working adults. However, there are lots of people that don’t actively look for options and their companies seem to be a good starting point for education salespeople to show them their offer.

UVM wanted to boost their sales and challenge their traditional push sales strategy as it seemed to have reached a stagnant point, so they reached out to Uncommon to help redesign the way they approached their clients for continuing education.

Uncommon, as a strategic design agency with expertise understanding people and businesses, was able to identify the real key stakeholders that encourage others to continue their professional development. Then, we devised a strategy to attract these influencers by using UVM’s existing valuable assets.


After a full 12-week project, we uncovered companies and stakeholders’ needs that enabled us to design a brand new go-to-market strategy for UVM. This new sales approach was then prototyped with sample materials and tools being used by salespeople within companies. After a few iterations, UVM started implementing these tools in a pilot program. The new sales approach would then be reported to have boosted the number of interested prospects by 40%.


  • /// Universidad del Valle de México UVM


  • /// Design, develop and prototype a new sales model of continuing education that enables salespeople to improve their relationship with potential clients.


  • /// A new commercial strategy that was first prototyped and then put to practice in a pilot program. This pilot reported an increase in the number of interested prospects by 40%. The new strategy seizes many of their existing assets by exploiting them to offer value to their audience.
  • /// Our project helped us discover who the real stakeholders are when making educational offers within companies, and design appropriate solutions to make them more receptive towards UVM’s salespeople.