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Music is probably the most Universal Passion Point that exists and The Coca-Cola Company was looking for a clear strategy.

Music is present in everybody’s daily life it is important for every exiting culture on earth. With that background we set out to understand how people interact with it in different situations, while we also studied the different paths that music could walk in the future.

Human centered design + foresight

Music has a different meaning for each person, this opens hundreds of opportunities in which we could create specific solutions, but these heterogenous efforts wouldn’t push to a specific place, that’s why we redesigned the purpose understanding the universal feeling that was brought up by almost everybody we spoke to.

We added a layer of foresight to this project, in which we covered many things but mainly we searched for trends in technology and society. With this part of the project we understood better the risks and found growth fields and opportunities so Coca-Cola could anticipate and use in it’s music strategy towards 2022.

Building a strategy for Coca-Cola Music 2022

When we added the up the insights we discovered, the trends and the purpose we designed, we obtained concepts and the foundations so The Coca-Cola Company can further improve it’s efforts in the music scene starting in 2017 and looking forward 5 years to 2022.


// Coca-Cola Mexico


  • /// Design the strategy for the short-term future of Coca-Cola music towards 2022.


  • /// A clear purpose for Coca-Cola Music.
  • /// Purpose-based initiatives that can be new business for Coca-Cola while engaging with music listeners.