Uncommon supported Telcel with the exploration of different and innovative streams to develop a Digital Wallet. As our client sought to build new relationships with different customer segments, our team designed different value propositions to attend specific financial and digital needs.

Financial Ecosystem

Financial institutions are no longer the only option for managing money, in recent years, many businesses have been creating their own “currencies”. In the strive for delivering the best customer experience, some companies like Starbucks or Cinepolis are developing their own digital wallets. At the same time, some technology developers like Google, Apple or Facebook are competing to introduce financial transactions to their spectrum of services. In this ecosystem, it’s very interesting to explore the vast possibilities that a Telecommunications company has to create a digital wallet that actually improves people’s lives.

Digital maturity in Mexico

Our research helped us understand the different levels of digital maturity that exist within the population. We identified different customer jobs and developed a business model for each segment, from strategies that promote digital transactions to platforms that integrate several payment systems for the most advanced user type.


  • /// Telcel


  • /// The project aimed to identify the strategic scenarios in which Telcel could develop a Digital Wallet and design different business models to address the wide range of digital and financial needs.


  • /// We developed 12 different value propositions clustered in 4 strategic scenarios. The project helped Telcel consider a different perspective of the mexican financial ecosystem to decide in what direction to focus their efforts.